Importance of prayer from Islamic perspective

Ibadah prayer is a gift given to us by Allah, who is more merciful than a mother. Prayer is an act of worship that cannot be missed in a person’s life.So we are going to learn Importance of prayer from Islamic perspective.

Importance of prayer from Islamic perspective

Under the title of  importance Of Prayer From Islamic Perspective,

Allah has permitted prayer to be performed in all places of the earth. Because our progress depends on prayer. Prayer is an indispensable duty in the life of every human being from the age of seven until death.

If we cannot pray standing, we should pray sitting. If that is not possible then one should pray leaning down. Prayer must be performed even on the battlefield. We cannot give any reason for skipping prayer.

When Allah says, a person who does not pray has nothing to do with Islam. The progress of our Muslim community depends only on this prayer. Take an oath to Allah. After this resolve not to miss a single prayer till death. Allah will help. One should be able to establish prayer at any time.

The first question asked in the Hereafter is about prayer. If the prayer is regular then other questions will be easy for us. Even if we pray habitually, it will destroy us. Praying whenever we have time is not prayer. The true prayer is to take time and pray with a pure intention for the sake of Allah. Only such prayer will be accepted by Allah.

Only by praying in the manner guided by Allah and His Messenger can we be rewarded in the Hereafter. If we pray instead of listening to what someone says and pray instead of God and instead of Hadith, our prayer will be thrown in our face in the Hereafter. At that time we will become losers. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, “Whoever abandons prayer has become a disbeliever.”

On the basis of this hadith, we should think about how many people in our family, in our society, and in our friends’ level are living as disbelievers and Hell-mongers. He will be in Hell with the deadly people like Harun, Haman and Firawn. May Allah protect and bless us all from this situation. May Allah grant us all the privilege of being able to pray regularly.

So that this hand damage does not come to us, let us seek protection from God and pray the five daily prayers without fail and ask Allah for forgiveness of our sins.

Prayer is the main pillar of Islam. Among the five major duties of Islam, prayer is the most important duty. How many of us are wasting this prayer for trivial reasons.

Advantages or privileges of Prayer

Under the title of  importance Of Prayer From Islamic Perspective,

01. If we are regular in prayer we will win in the world and reach Paradise.

02. Prayer destroys sins.

03. Praying with Jamaat is 27 times more beneficial than praying alone.

04. By performing ablution from home and walking to school for prayer, our sins will be forgiven and our merits will be raised in the Hereafter.

05. Those who perform the Fajr prayer will be under the protection of Allah for the rest of the day.

06. Prayer protects me from shameful deeds.

07. Prayer is the key to salvation.
08. Prayer gives peace of mind.

09. Prayers of angels are available to worshipers.

10. Those who pray with honey after prayer will be light and bright and they will get liberation in the Hereafter.

Effects or Harms of Missing Prayer

Under the title of  importance Of Prayer From Islamic Perspective,

01. Skipping prayer leads to apostasy.

Prayer is the covenant between a Muslim and an unbeliever. Whoever abandons it has become an infidel. Source: Ahmad, Tirmidhi.

02. Those who miss prayer will enter hell.

(They will ask) ‘What caused you to enter Sakhar (Hell)?’ But after them (the wrong way) descendants came to their place; They wasted the prayer; They followed (vile) desires; (In the Hereafter) they will meet the gate (of Hell).

(Quran 19:59)

03. Those who do not pray will be raised in the Hereafter with the likes of Qarun, Firawn, Haman, Ubai Ibn Khalaf etc.

Whoever observes prayer, it will become a light, a sign and a protection for him in the Hereafter. Whoever does not protect it and worship it, it will not be a light, a sign, or a protection for him. And the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that he will be raised in the Hereafter along with Qarun, Pharaoh, Haman, Ubai Ibn Khalaf and others. (Ahmed, Tabrani).

Thus there are many disadvantages. We have given you some of these. Therefore, may the Lord bless us all to maintain the prayer and pray continuously and preserve the greatness of this prayer made obligatory by Allah and reach the highest heaven!

Under The Title Of Importance of prayer from Islamic perspective, Prohibited hours for prayer.

Under the title of  importance Of Prayer From Islamic Perspective,

There are generally no prohibited times for praying. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam has forbidden three times to perform the Nabil prayers.

01. From the end of Fajr prayer, one should not pray till the sun rises and comes to the height of a spear. The size of a spear is normally fifteen minutes.

02. Do not pray until the sun reaches its peak. That is, from ten to fifteen minutes after the sun reaches the top.

03. Do not touch after Asr prayer until the sun sets and red cloud forms.
These conditions apply only to Nabilah prayers.

If you pray the farlan prayer at the three times mentioned above, you can freely perform it.

Those exempted from prayer

01. Madness People

02. Must be menstruating women.

Apart from this, no one else has any merit to offer the prayer. If a man misses prayer, he must be mad. If a woman misses prayer, she must be a woman who menstruates throughout the year. There is no reason for anyone to miss this prayer except menstruating women and insane people.

Dear friends! Muslim brothers and sisters! Understanding the greatness of prayer and maintaining the greatness of prayer, we must protect and maintain this prayer. This prayer was the greatest peace and the greatest gift given by God when the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, went to Mihraj. We are wasting this prayer by obeying our desires and for petty metal reasons. If we think about the blessings that Allah has given us, we will not miss a single prayer in our life.

If we die in this state, if we die in this state, our king’s life, our life in the afterlife, and our life in hell, how cruel.
Just think how cruel and punishing it would be. May Allah bless all the Muslims of this world by praying this peaceful prayer until our last breath and protect it and reach Paradise in the Hereafter Amen ! Amen ! Amen!

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