Usage of Articles in English

Before we learn Usage of Articles in English, we have seen in part one about the importance of the English language and why we need to learn the English language and in part one we have learned about the types of words classes and related examples.

In part two, we will learn examples of each type of word classes, the types of each word class, their definitions, and how to use them in English.

Here, we give about the word classes we posted in part one for you to have a clear understanding regarding word classes or parts of speech.

Word Classes / Parts Of Speech

Here, word classes are if we take a word in English, under which part we can include that word.

We can divide mainly nine types of this under the heading of word classes or parts of speech.

Let us look at these one by one.


Thus, word class in English can be divided into nine categories.

Before we learn their definitions let us see some examples of these.


A , An , The


Teacher , Vijay , Crowd , Love , Table , Hair , Water , Rice


I , We , You , They , He , She , It

Me , Us , You , Them , Him , Her , It

My , Our , Your, Their , His , Her

Mine , Ours , Yours , Theirs , His , Her

My self , Our Selves , Your self / Your selves , Them selves , Him self , Her self

04. Adjective

Beautiful , Wonderful , Large , Small , Big , Thin , Hot


Guess , Wash , Watch , Fix , Go , Play , Pray , Come , Eat


Slowly , Fast , Quickly , Beautifully , Well , Badly


In , On , At , From , Since , Under , Above , Over


And , But , Although , Or , Yet , So , Nor , For


Aah , Ahh , Aww , Hi , Hello

Above we have seen the types of word classes and some examples of them.

Let’s take a look at the above nine types of word classes along with examples of their types.

01. Under The Title Of Usage of Articles in English,Article

Under the title of Usage of Articles in English,

The article is used to mark a noun. In English Article is used before a noun or noun phrase. In English there are three types of article.


A table
A Chair
A Van
A book

An orange
An umbrella
An elephant

The sun
The earth
The moon


Under The Title Of Usage of Articles in English,Usage of the article

Under the title of Usage of Articles in English,

The article “a” is used before consonant sound. Most people misunderstand that “a” and “an” should be used before vowels and consonants letters. But it is wrong and we should use “a” and “an”/before vowel sound and before consonant sound.

Vowel Letters

A , E , I , O , U

When the next  word starts with vowel sound + an

an apple
an orange
an ice cream
an honourable president ( because” h” is silent)
an elephant
an hour ( because” h” is silent)

Consonant Letters

B , C , D , F , G , H , J , K , L , M , N , P , Q , R , S , T , V , W , X , Y , Z

When the next  word starts with consonant sound + a

a university (not starting with vowel sound)
a European country (not starting with vowel sound)
a table
a pen

“A” and “An” are used only before singular nouns

Uses of “The” in a sentence

Under the title of Usage of Articles in English,

This article “The”  also is called that “the Definite article”

We use “the” with,

1. A singular or plural noun when it is clear/obvious which person or thing we are talking about.

Ex:- There is a book on the table.
(we mention the book for the first time)

again we are going to talk about that book. That means we are going to talk about the book second we have to use “the”.

01.When we talk about an object for the second time we have to use ” the”  front of that object.

Ex:- The book  is next to a water bottle on the table.

Here, we are talking about the same book in the first example and the second example. while talking about the book for the first time, we have used “a” before the book.In the second example we have used the article “the” to refer to the same book a second time.

2. Musical instruments
(the violin, the guitar, the drums, the flute, the piccolo)

He plays the violin.

3. “the” is used in front of an object when it is unique        or when there is only one object in the world.

the moon
the sun
the earth
the sky
the environment
the atmosphere
the radio
the internet

4. “The” i used before ordinary numbers.

the  first
the second
the third

5. “The” is used before superlative degree of adjectives

the best
the  most beautiful
the most longest

We learned where to use “the”.  Now let’s learn where not to use “The”.

01. To talk about sports and games we don’t use ” the”

Correct:- I play cricket.
Wrong:- I don’t play the cricket.

Correct:- I play volleyball.
Wrong:- I don’t play the volleyball.

02. Before the name of countries.

Correct:- I play cricket in England.
Wrong:- I don’t play cricket in the England.

Correct:- I play cricket in Sri Lanka.
Wrong:- I don’t play cricket in the Sri Lanka.

03. Before the name of a language.

Correct:- I can speak English
Wrong:- I can speak the English.

Correct:- He doesn’t know Arabic.
Wrong:- He doesn’t know the Arabic.

04. Before the name of meals.

Correct:- I have dinner.
Wrong:- I have the dinner

Correct:- He is having his breakfast.
Wrong:- He is having his the breakfast.

05. Before the holidays.

Correct:- I will go shopping on Easter day.
Wrong:- I will go shopping on the Easter day.

Correct:- I will go to school on birthday.
Wrong:- I will go to school on the birthday.

So we are clearly learning how to use “article” through this post. Also, we are learning very clearly where to use and where not to use a, an, the which can come under the title of article in a sentence. What we are learning now is part two.  We have already mentioned some things in this regard in part one. So if you learn this without learning part one, it will be understandable to you, because we have given you a summary of the things in part one in part two.

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