Uses of Nouns in English – 02


We have been continuously learning about English grammar and based on that in this fourth part we are going to learn under the heading of ” Uses of Nouns in English – 02

We have already studied in detail about English grammar in three parts, I am attaching the links of those three parts here.

Uses of Nouns in English – 02  will be very easy to understand for those who study it after going through the above three sections.

We are currently studying under the topic of Uses of Nouns in English.Based on that we have already learned in detail about the three types of nouns.Today we will clearly learn about the remaining three nouns and their definitions and examples of them.

03. Abstract Nouns in English – Uses of nouns in English

An abstract noun is a word that we can’t see , taste , hear , touch and smell. So we cannot perceive an abstract noun even with five senses.But we can feel abstract nouns.

Below are some abstract nouns.

Pride , relief , comfort , speed , anxiety , loyalty , beauty , hope , hurt , sleep , talent , freedom , pain , failure , shock , hurt , Hate

Now let’s see examples with some sentences. Abstract nouns in the sentences here are shown in bold.

01. We have to get the truth of the matter.
02. Marry isn’t the type of person who gossips.
03. People lost faith in banks.
04. She will defeat them.
05. I was delighted at the news of her success.
06. They laughed at my idea.
07. Tom had a fear that he would fall down.
08. She tried to restrain her anger.
09. Don’t underestimate your own strength.
10. He has a good side and an evil side.

We hope you have a clear understanding of Abstract Noun from the above examples but we have given you only a few here.

04. Compound Nouns in English – Uses of Nouns in English Part – 2

Compound noun is a word that denotes two or more than two words by mixing them in a singular noun.

How to form a compound noun

* noun + noun

Lunch + Time = Lunchtime
Boy + Friend = Boyfriend
Head + ache = Headache
Girl + Friend = Girlfriend

* verb + noun

Hair + Cut = Haircut
Sweat + Shirt = Sweatshirt
Buzz + Kill = Buzzkill

* adjective + noun

Smart + Phone = Smartphone
Blue + Bird = Bluebird
Green + House = Greenhouse

* preposition + noun

Down + Town = Downtown
By + Stander = Bystander
Over + Time = Overtime

* verb + preposition

Break + Down = Breakdown
Off + Shoot = Offshoot
Up + Roar = Uproar

Some words do not come together like this and the two words come separately.

Let’s look at some examples of words that can be separated like this.

* noun + noun

House + Party = House party
Grandfather + Clock = Grandfather clock
Sweater + West = Sweater vest

* verb + noun

Flash + Flood = Flash flood
Grab + Bag = Grab bag
Slam + Dunk = Slam dunk

* adjective + noun

Quick + Fix = Quick Fix
Double + Agent = Double Agent
Close + Call = Close call

* with hyphens

Some words thus become compound nouns.

mother – in – law
runner – up
great – grandmother
son – in – law
two – years – old

So, we have given you a clear explanation regarding compound noun. So based on what we have learned above we hope you have a clear understanding of compound noun.

05. Countable Nouns in English

A Countable noun is a word that can be counted.

Book , Pen , Chair , Table , House , Pencil , Egg , Apple , Car , House , Flows , Girl , Bike , Tomato , Window , Year , Day , Month , Onion , Television , Radio , Men , Doctors , Flights

Now let’s look at the sentences with the countable nouns. Here the countable nouns are shown in bold.

01. I am eating mangoes.
02. They are traveling by bus.
03. They are building a house.
04. I bought a mobile phone.
05. It hunted a deer.
06. They clean the school.
07. We go to the library.
08. They are at the hospital.
09. You are eating eggs.
10. He broke the glass.

06. Uncountable Nouns in English

Uncountable nouns are words that can’t count.

Water , Milk , Sand , Air , Music , Space , Cloud , Rain , Salt , Perfume , Pasta , Drinks , Beauty , Life , Food , Electricity , Petrol , Weather , Work , Smoking , Satisfaction , Wheat , Soil , Sugar , Understanding , Bread , Gold , Rice , Jam , Meat , Honey , Cheese , Music , Snow , Rain , Money , Faith , Paper , Trust , Love , Hate , Happy , Felling , Flood

Now let’s look at some examples of uncountable nouns in sentencesletters.the uncountable nouns in the sentences are shown in bold letters.

01. Listening to music will make you happy.
02. We are relaxing with our friends at the beach.
03. My friends came while I was drinking milk.
04. The dessert was high in sugar.
05. The flight was delayed due to bad weather.
06. We should always do our work with satisfaction.
07. Our hair fell out because we bathed in salt water.
08. Love is the only priceless thing in this world.
09. We have more freedom in our country.
10. Gold prices are increasing in the world.

Above we have given you clear explanations about uses of Nouns in English – 02 with examples so we hope that the above explanations and examples , definitions are clear to you.

With this we have learned all the things we have come to learn about nouns in English grammar. We have divided the nouns into six categories, but there is no compulsion to divide the nouns in this way. We can divide them according to the understanding of those who come to us to learn.

Based on that, if we divide the words as I have divided them above, it will be easy for everyone to understand.

Through this series of our classes, we have given a complete knowledge about nouns. In part three and part four where we have explored in detail the types of nouns , their definitions , examples and how to use a noun in a sentence in an easy way. so, if you want to learn English grammar in an easy way then our We are sure that you can learn English easily by visiting this website.

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In part five we are going to learn about Pronouns , definition and its types.

Will continue part – 5


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